FreqUently Asked Questions

Where is your studio located?


Rebel Muse is located at 1565 West Main Street, Suite 419, next to Fitness Connection in the shopping center on the corner of Main Street and Garden Ridge. There is a convenient map on my Contact section of the site.


Are you appointment only or do you take walk ins?

While I do take walk ins occasionally, my schedule is mostly appointment based. On the occasion that I do have time for walk ins, I will usually post about it via Instagram.


How do I make an appointment?


Please visit my contact page and fill out the form as completely as possible. You will get an automated response with further instructions, and After receiving all the necessary information from you, I'll go over how to leave a deposit so that the appointment is actually booked. 


Can I set up a consultation?


I definitely prefer an in-person consultation if you are in the DFW Metroplex, so you are more than welcome to email or fill out a contact form, or call the shop Tuesday-Saturday 10-6 at 972-420-9666 and I'd be more than happy to set up a time to talk. If you are out of town, I can generally do email consults. I may require pictures or measurements of the part of your body you're wanting to get tattooed if we are consulting through email.


How long is the wait time?


I like to book up to a month ahead at a time. This allows me to be flexible enough to take on new projects and take care of existing multiple session tattoos.


What if I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment?


Deposits are nonrefundable, so in the event of a cancellation the deposit will be forfeited. Should you need to reschedule, your deposit will not be forfeited provided you give me a minimum of 72 hours notice, and it does not become a reoccurring issue. As much as I try to understand that emergencies come up, sometimes I cannot fill a spot (especially during the week) quickly and I may not be able to tattoo that day, so I have to be strict on this policy.


What is the deposit requirement? Do you charge by the hour or by the piece?


 The deposit can range between $100-$500 depending on the size of the piece, and the amount of design time involved. with a single session piece it will come off the total for that day, but in the case of a sleeve or back piece the deposit will be held until the final session so that a new deposit isn’t required for each sitting. My rate is $200 an hour with a 1 hour minimum, and usually I don’t tattoo longer than 6 hours. Smaller, single-session pieces I will normally give a flat rate based on the time I estimate it will take, but most projects are hourly. I also offer a rate cap of $1000 for the day, which will save you some cash if you'd like to sit long. I require a minimum of 2 hours ($400) on multiple session tattoos, only because we can't get a whole lot done in a single hour.


Do you take credit cards or is it cash only?


Cash is definitely preferred, but we also accept credit and debit cards.


Can you draw my design before I book the appointment?


Unfortunately I cannot. I am a custom artist, which means that I draw just about every single tattoo by hand. That being said, small tattoos may take 30-45 minutes, and large ones can take several hours. Major projects like sleeves or backpieces can take 20-30 hours to draw out and perfect! Because of that, I require commitment to the project with a consultation and deposit before I do any drawing whatsoever, no exception.

I want to make sure I'll like my drawing before the appointment. Can you send me pictures?

I get asked this a lot, and unfortunately I cannot send any pictures before the tattoo. There are a few reasons for that: First, I have had people in the past take pictures to other shops and get them tattooed for cheaper and at a lesser quality. Secondly, there are reasons why I draw things the way I draw and it is way easier to explain those reasons in person. Things definitely get lost in translation over text. You'll be able to see the drawing on the day of the appointment when you come in, and I'd be more than happy to make any changes you need me to. If it's something that requires me to completely redraw your tattoo, I may need to reschedule you. I would much prefer that you are 100% happy and confident with your tattoo, and if we need to go back to the drawing board, that is okay. You won't lose your deposit if that happens, either.

I tell all my clients to email me pictures of things they like. Send me tattoos, artwork, photography...anything you'd like. Please just note what it is you like about each picture and I'll be more than happy to keep all that in mind when I am designing your work. That helps me get inside your head and see what it is you're really looking for. This has been an extremely successful method for me, so feel free to send me as much stuff as you want! That way, we make sure your drawing is right the first time.


Do you do cover ups?


Absolutely. At least half of my clientele is cover ups, and I will take on cover ups that most artists won't. That is not a guarantee that your tattoo can be covered up as-is; there may be a lot of compromise that will need to happen to make it work. I may require laser removal prior to our first appointment, but that is in fairly extreme cases. Pricing for cover up tattoos is STRICTLY by the hour due to the variables that arise in every cover up situation. I require an in-person consultation for most cover ups unless they are extremely simple.

What do you recommend for aftercare?


I prefer to talk about aftercare in person after our appointment. Rebel Muse Tattoo gives out a very detailed aftercare sheet to every client.


 Feel free to shoot me an email or contact form inquiry if you have any questions at all. Thank you!

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